8 Simple Strategies to Slay Stress

It’s established, stress bites everyone and its stings burn!

Bad news, piles of paperwork, and intolerable people can instantly ruin our day and stack up on our stress threshold. But luckily for us, there are simple ways to circumvent and stop stress once and for all. Grab your swords and get ready to slay the dragon that is anxiety and worries.

Here are 8 tips to stop stress in its track

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Tip #1: Think teflon, not velcro

So we find ourselves drizzled with sticky caramelized problems or are left with more than a couple burnt food on our pans — no problem! With a resilient non-stick coating, we can easily scrub stress off as it effortlessly slips away.

Now, with all the metaphors aside, we can learn a couple of truths from the pans our moms have talked about. If you choose not to be affected by stress, then it will wash off us (pun not intended) quite smoothly. Trust me, if we don’t allow certain objects to cling on us, in this instance stress and worries, we force it into a place it cannot grow, we suppress every power it could have over us.

 In the words of Taylor Swift “Shake it off, I shake it off”


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Tip #2: Tune in

On the subject of music, science has proven the power of the mellifluous sounds in effectively eliminating stress. It works wonders in both our body and our emotions, not to mention how awesome good lyrics paired with the right musical arrangements are! Music effectively lowers blood pressure and reduces cortisol, a hormone linked to stress.

So go ahead and see the efficacy of music for yourself; play your favorite tunes as you do your work, chores, and as you take a jog outside!

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Tip #3: Get moving!

Okay, okay, now before you present me with your valid point that exercise could bring in more stress, I’d like to state that it is also scientifically proven that having some physical (no, sadly tapping our phones does not count) activity can greatly reduce stress. It not only gives you a break from worries, it also stimulates the production of feel-good brain chemicals!

This would be the perfect time to grab a new sport, my personal recommendation to combat stress would have to be swimming. Okay, so I may be a bit biased to my own sport, but I find that it calms you down quite well. Never could I think about stress while I’m in water. Though a simple jog around the block or exercise set at home would do the trick just as well.

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Tip #4: Exercise, I thought you said extra fries!

Well, I thought I did too. 😛

But hey, who said eating doesn’t help in slaying stress? I could go in detail explaining the beauty of food, but I’m sure you’ve witnessed it too. There’s just little that a bucket of ice cream cannot beat, and stress is not one of them. Seriously, if you’re ever feeling down, go eat something with your friends while you watch a good movie.

Stressed spelled backwards is desserts! Desserts for the win!

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Tip #5: Netflix and chill

Okay, not that type of netflix and chill, but you know, netflix and chill.

Movies are a great stress reliever for me. I love the way movies and TV series can suck you up into a new world and impart new knowledge and experiences, all while keeping you entertained. Well, when stressed, try avoiding dramas and head for comedies. Though dramas and tragedies can knock some harsh truths too — that there are lots of people in worse situations than us, comedies are the preferable choice. They are literarily geared to get a good laugh out of you!

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Tip #6: Laughter is the best medicine

What better way to slap stress in the face than to still be able to muster a grin? :)Yup! You’ve probably heard it before, laughter is the best medicine. Technically, so are smiles.

Don’t be fooled by the minimal gesture on our faces, they not only reduce our stress, but also all those around us! How’s that for a deal? Laughter tricks our body into making us feel more happy, and thus actually become more happy. Besides, have you seen a smiling person sad? (#SillyQuestions)

 Smiling and laughing releases endorphins which soothes tension in our bodies. So scientifically speaking, smiling and laughing improve our overall mood!

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Tip #7: Savoring the small things

We often find ourselves inundated by our own standards to do something crazily extraordinary. As if our only way of having fun or of breaking free from stress is hand-tied to extravaganza. Though this should not be the case. We can very much enjoy life with the small things, and in fact, we should.

Learn to appreciate small details. After all, milestones are as equally important as goals; don’t take them for granted. We live in a fast paced lifestyle wherein many things fight for our attention. It may be tempting to solely focus on bigger issues, but don’t ever get caught up in them that we forget to savor the the small things in life. Learn to pace ourselves forward.

Treat yourself after your small triumph over your day-to-day work, celebrate mini victories and daily conquers, and enjoy life for what it is!

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Tip #8: Helping others out

Helping people is always cool! It warms our hearts and puts a smile on their faces.

Best part, it doesn’t have to be grand! No one expects you to start a non-profit organization catered to feeding the homeless — though it would be pretty darn awesome if you could. Just by encouraging your friends, sharing your food, or volunteering for community work, you can already leave a positive impact while at the same time stopping stress.


Well, you simply have no time for it. By helping others, you surround yourself with a positive aura that leaves stress creeping on the borders.

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In the end, stress really is nothing big! While we all may have our bad days, by focusing on the positive and taking precautionary measures, we can definitely stop it. Remember, it’s less on what we face and more on how we respond to it!

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