Pacing Forward: Breaking Our Comfort Zones

We all have a state of equilibrium that we find ourselves sitting in. An invisible container hindering us from growing. An obsolete state of decay that we just can’t seem to escape from. 

We often call it as a “comfort zone”, though its meaning does not necessarily reflect what its called. It may come as a surprise to some, but our comfort zone isn’t always a place of luxury and warmth. In fact, most often than not, it is filled with discontentment and displeasure. 

So why do we find ourselves cemented in this state you ask?

Well, it’s because we’ve been uncomfortable for so long that we become comfortable with it. Our current place of inconvenience becomes the new norm. We find any action to change course troublesome, or a waste of time, or we have already given up long before. But there’s a good news. It’s not about making big gestures like quitting our jobs and traveling the world with only the clothes on our backs – although it can be. ◕‿◕ It’s more on the gradual persistent steps we take to tread outside.

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It’s about deciding what we want to do and doing it – even if it’s hard. It’s about working towards our goal and climbing the ladder one level to the top at a time. It’s about the experience that we gain from traversing down which ever path we choose.

The point is to stretch ourselves further, to push past the distance we thought was already far. We need to soar new heights and break free from our comfort zones. It’s time to grow!

I challenge you to pace forward. Don’t ever be content in where you’re currently at because you are made for greatness. Challenge yourself always. Keep exploring. Keep learning. Keep moving forward!

Now in a practical sense that may mean pushing yourself to over-deliver in work, or making new friends, or taking up new responsibilities. It may be time to say “yes” to excellence and favors from friends or “no” to bad influences and things that harm us. And with time, those little paces forward would reveal to be a hundred miles from where we once were.

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As Always, Stay Awesome My Friends!


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Aaron James Arq

My name’s James and I’m the founder of Made For Excellence, a blog dedicated to helping teens and students live the extraordinary life they deserve! We are currently looking for more guest writers to feature; we'd love to hear what you have to say!


  • “We need to soar new heights and break free from our comfort zones.”

    Great article, James! Really enjoyed reading this. It’s exactly what I needed to hear 🙂
    Continue inspiring more people!

    • Hello Pauline!
      I’m glad you’ve been blessed by it.

      Many times when we hear of change, we think it requires big gestures. This post serves as a friendly reminder that even small steps can make a difference! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!


  • Hi James,

    A very insightful post, I can say that because I’m currently working on one addressing the same issue!
    I especially like how you started the post. You zeroed in on an element that everyone shares and established a rapport with the reader right away.
    There are a lot of writers – even those who do guest posting on other sites – who don’t know how to do that.

    • Hello Quinn!

      Thanks for the encouraging words, I appreciate it a whole bunch. 🙂 I am flattered with your compliments. Seriously, I’m blushing.

      We are all a work in progress. There are still countless obstacles to conquer, lessons to learn, and wisdom to gain. Let’s all continue to pace forward, however slow it may be.


  • Baby steps, James, baby steps!

    You could not have said it any better: “we’ve been uncomfortable for so long that we become comfortable with it.” When I was much younger, I was content with my minimum wage job. I did not know of the life that waited for me if only I took a few steps forward. That was until I read a post like this that pushed me to make a change and live the life I was meant to live.

    I’m sure you’ll help someone too, so keep up the writing, man!

    • Hello Leo!

      Thanks for sharing your life story with all of us, I’m sure it was difficult (or at least outside your comfort zone) to have done what you did.

      Too often, many of us have been used to living in mediocrity that the idea of excellence exceeds us. But if you are willing to take small steps, baby steps, you can definitely reach a life of excellence!

      Your story is inspiring and proves what small steps are capable of achieving! 🙂

  • I adore your wisdom. Always. I so love this article, with that, I prolly start to push myself to over-deliver not just in work but also in my relationships ❤. Never tire to share your self through your writings Kuya!