When A Dream Goes Down the Drain

I didn’t make it to my dream university.

I didn’t get the job.

I got rejected.

Things didn’t go as planned.

I just… didn’t make it.

All that effort and time invested to get to that dream is now gone. Just. Like. That. We’ve all experienced this – the feeling of devastation when a dream reaches a dead end and all the plans you made just fade away like a balloon that slipped out of your fingers, slowly disappearing into the atmosphere. *Pop.* Gone. It’s difficult. Questions like, “Am I a failure?”, “Was I not good enough?”, and “Why couldn’t I have done better?” flood your mind. When a dream dies, we especially ask ourselves the big:

“What now?”

Is there still hope for me? Is there still a purpose for my life?

The answer is Yes. There is still hope and there is still purpose. It is not yet the end 🙂 Here are 4 things to remember when a dream goes down the drain.

1. The end of a dream is not the end of your life

It is hard to believe that there are better things to come, especially when that dream was all you ever talked about, all you invested your best into, and all that you planned your whole life for. But remember that when a dream dies, it doesn’t mean it’s the dead end of your whole life, too. There is more for you. Take time to heal, and then learn to put one foot in front of the other on this climb, step by step, to see the bigger picture. It may be the end of a dream – but not the end of you 🙂

2. You are not your disappointment

Okay, you failed. Okay, you didn’t make it. But that doesn’t mean you won’t make it in anything else.

It has been seen that the continuous fall of a nation is because of its slavery to the lowest points of its history. Well, remember this! You are not a slave of your past. Your identity is not based on your lowest points, but your lowest points will build you up into who you will become. The fact may be: you failed. But do not let this fact distort the truth that you are an overcomer, that you will move on stronger, and that you are able to get onto the next dream with confidence and willpower.

3. What is meant for you is already yours – guaranteed

Maybe you’ve watched yourself lose one dream after another and you have found the idea of dreaming again to be so pointless. But dear reader, what is meant for you will find you – so be excited, look around you, and keep moving forward!

4. Be hopeful

In every end, there is a beginning 🙂 Like how the sun sets and then rises the next morning. Here we have new opportunities, new perspectives, and new big dreams waiting to be grasped. Yesterday’s failures are not today’s. Do not fear your ambitions, do not be afraid to fail, and never lose hope.

Hope is what will fuel why you keep going. It will take you far and wide, more than you could ever think of or imagine. It will be the reason to get back up when failures and doubts come crawling back. Hope is the sun that surely rises the next morning. Isn’t that beautiful?

Keep dreaming big and keep hoping, because you are made for greatness! The end of a dream just marks the beginning of something more beautiful.

What is a dream that ended and how did it mark the beginning of a new one? Or, what is a dream you are currently holding on to? Share your story in the comments. 🙂

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