5 Tips to Help You Tolerate the Intolerable

We often drown ourselves in the illusion that life is simple, that it’s pretty much a leveled path already paved out for us — or at least we hope it to be. And this is what equips reality to sting us when we realize the truth, life is filled with intolerable things, and sadly, that includes people too. We need to accept that dissenting opinions will be inevitable and move on from that. But just because we don’t necessarily get along with some people, should we have our day spoiled and joy robbed. Choose to tolerate!

Oh, and just to clarify, the definition of tolerance I chose to follow was that of United Nations.

…tolerance is neither indulgence nor indifference. It is respect and appreciation of the rich variety of our world’s cultures, our forms of expression and ways of being human.

I believe the emphasis away from indifference is important as we often misinterpret “tolerance” for disregard or apathy, especially when it does not mean that. With this in mind…

Here are 5 ways to tolerate the intolerable…


We all wish to believe that we are nothing like those vile and misanthropic people we clearly despise, that other people don’t see us also as the embodiment of antagonism itself. But let’s be honest here, we’re not always the pleasant person we hope to be. Sometimes we’re just having a rough day or are simply misunderstood. Whatever it may be, we would want to be cut some slack, maybe we should do the same to others?

When we change our perspective, we will be able to better understand people and ourselves.



Yes, you heard me. Listen to criticism. Because often times a well constructed criticism, irregardless from whom it’s from, can present more truth than any sugar coated words of praise. Distance, along with new lenses, can help us see clearly and understand things. Well for one, if the criticism hurled at us by the opposition speaks truth, we can learn and improve from it. Two, if it is faulty and springs out lies, we shouldn’t be bothered by it, right?

Learn to grow from criticism but at the same time not get inundated by it.



Sooner or later, we’ll reach a point wherein we simply don’t care what others try to do or say against us. Why? Because we are more confident about ourselves and are not easily affected by petty things done by others.

You don’t agree with me? So be it.

You think I’m a/an [insert word here]? I choose to see things differently.

You want to annoy me? I’ll choose to understand.

Choose to be the better man or woman and tolerate, besides, we know it’s the right thing to do.



Once put into perspective, we will quickly realize that there are a lot of tolerable people. Lots (and lots) of awesome individuals who just radiates positivity, rainbows, and sunshines. Okay, maybe more on the positivity part. Surround yourself with those people and push yourself to be the same to others. Truth be told, when your life is filled with joy and peace, a little drizzle of rain can’t do anything to you!


if all else fails…



Only as a last resort, agree to disagree. Be willing to accept that you are both completely unique individuals and that there isn’t only one winner. Besides, a little opposition can only make us stronger, wiser, and even more awesome-er! Oh, and do not mistake these words for an excuse to give up or abandon someone — that is the worst thing we can do. Embrace the difference but try to meet halfway as much as we can, with the exception that it breaks our principles and values.

With these in mind, we believe you can effectively tolerate the intolerable

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Don’t forget to share this post to friends, families, and even strangers you may feel are facing some pretty intolerable people. Or better yet, send this to the people close to you as a precautionary guide so that in the unlikely (unlikely 😛 ) event that we become intolerable, they’ll know what to do.

As always, stay awesome my friends!

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