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8 Simple Strategies to Slay Stress

It’s established, stress bites everyone and its stings burn! Bad news, piles of work, and intolerable people can instantly ruin our day and stack up on our stress threshold. But luckily for us, there are simple ways to circumvent and stop stress once and for all. Find out now!


Pacing Forward: Breaking Our Comfort Zones

We all have a state of equilibrium that we find ourselves sitting in. An invisible container hindering us from growing. But now, it’s about time we start to break out of our comfort zones and embrace uncertainty and make the most out of it!


Student Life: School and Video Games

You’re in school. You study hard. When you get home, you decide to play video games. No problem, right? Until someone tells you to stop wasting your time, that is.

There’s a great misconception that education and entertainment are inherent enemies, as if anything with “fun” as its core goal saps away everything you recently learned—or perhaps you’ll never put down that controller ever again and spend the rest of your life addicted to video games.

Dream big

Giving change a chance

Change is often associated with growth, and trust me the moment you turn into a teenager, you won’t be hearing the end of it.  Teachers in health class would go on and teach about changes in your body, the kind of stuff that makes you feel awkward. And hey, even parents make us change our clothes! (Not sure if that counts) 😛

But that’s not the change I’m talking about.

Often times we are afraid of change, afraid of what’s new.  We are not willing to step out of our comfort zone and brace out to the unknown.  In a way, I too was afraid to venture out and start anew. I had already enjoyed the company of my friends and teachers in my former school and was excelling in my subjects. I did not find it necessary to change schools.  Yet it was a leap of faith to transfer, well kind of like a skip to be honest.

Just like many, I wasn’t looking forward to change. I did not like the ambiguous mysteries it entails. My waters were calm and steady — and I was eager to keep it that way.

But let’s be honest, every pool has seen some ripples. Change is one of those inevitable occurrences, one of those little details that define life. All we have to do is brave it!

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The biggest thing hindering us from moving forward is fear. Change may look scary, but in reality, it isn’t. The memories of our past will still be there with us. Right now, I have settled in well. I have made new friends, created new memories, and have grown with experiences. All of which, I would never have reached if it weren’t for a little change.

We should never be stuck where we are, we should improve and rise above our past selves. Dream big and never give up! We should take risks, push limits, and stretch our horizon.  For some people a new school year will be starting, for others they’re off to their school break. And I challenge you to give change a chance! Make new friends, learn something new, and start anew!

As always, stay awesome my friends!

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