Do you really believe you’re made for excellence?

It’s easy, to let life deceive us into settling for mediocrity, for average, for nothing more than barely bearable. But don’t fall victim—you are worth so much more!

If you’re determined to reclaim your life, to finally take charge and pull the reigns, then you’re in the right place! We show you how to live the fulfilled, blessed, meaningful life you really deserve! 

Latest stories

8 Simple Strategies to Slay Stress


It’s established, stress bites everyone and its stings burn! Bad news, piles of work, and intolerable people can instantly ruin our day and stack up on our stress threshold. But luckily for us, there are simple ways to circumvent and stop stress once and for all. Find out now!

Doing What You Don’t Want, to Get Where You Want to Be


We all might have gone to bed at the end of the day thinking, there must be more to this. After a long day of the same routines being stuck in school or work, you think to yourself, What am I even here for? I should be out chasing my dreams! Doing what I love, not studying, not doing this. And after all that longing for something greater, what comes after? The same old routine. Whether...

5 Tips to Help You Tolerate the Intolerable


We often drown ourselves in the illusion that life is simple, that it’s pretty much a leveled path already paved out for us — or at least we hope it to be. And this is what equips reality to sting us when we realize the truth, life is filled with intolerable things, and sadly, that includes people too. We need to accept that dissenting opinions will be inevitable and move on from that. But just...

Student Life: School and Video Games


You’re in school. You study hard. When you get home, you decide to play video games. No problem, right? Until someone tells you to stop wasting your time, that is. There’s a great misconception that education and entertainment are inherent enemies, as if anything with “fun” as its core goal saps away everything you recently learned—or perhaps you’ll never put down that controller ever again and...

Into the Crowd


  Hi, I’m —! I’m —! Hi, how are you? I’m fine thanks, how are you? Just fine, just fine… *awkward silence* Well, it was nice meeting you! I hope to hang out with you some time! *smiles* Yeaaahh, totally. See you around! *smiles* We have all encountered awkward hellos. That shaky feeling of whether excitement or fear should be felt. The thought of whether you should give it...

Giving change a chance


Change is often associated with growth, and trust me the moment you turn into a teenager, you won’t be hearing the end of it.  Teachers in health class would go on and teach about changes in your body, the kind of stuff that makes you feel awkward. And hey, even parents make us change our clothes! (Not sure if that counts) 😛 But that’s not the change I’m talking about. Often...

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